Hartford Studies

UConn KIDS works with the Connecticut Science Center, located in the center of Hartford! We often have researchers present at the museum, performing experiments and involving museum-goers in live science!



Below are some examples of studies currently underway in Hartford. 

Check back often as new studies get added throughout the year!

Behavioral and Affective Dysregulation: Course and Outcomes (BADCO) Lab

Department: Psychological Sciences

Protocol: H18-180

The BADCO Clinical Psychology Lab is seeking parents and children 8-12 to participate in the Feelings in Families Study. All kids get angry and irritable, but some kids feel like that a lot of the time. These feelings can make it hard to get through the day and can make relationships difficult.

This study will help us learn about:

  • How children cope with feelings of frustration or anger
  • How children’s emotions impact parent-child relationships
  • How parents experience their own emotions

During a 2-hour appointment at the UConn Storrs or Hartford campus, you and your child will be asked to:

  • Complete questionnaires about feelings and behaviors
  • Complete activities and games on the computer

We are especially interested in families who have children who often feel angry or irritable, but our study is open to children without these difficulties as well. Your family may receive up to $50 for participating in this study.

If you are interested and would like more information, you can contact Dr. Jeffrey Burke or Olivia Derella at (860) 486-1129 or via email at feelingsinfamilystudy@gmail.com.

Infant Breastfeeding Behavior Study

Department: Nursing

Protocol: #H16-199

This study, which measures infant’s sucking efforts, is for mothers with an infant younger than 3 months who are breast and bottle feeding.

Participation involves of measurement of the infant’s sucking effort during 4 bottle feeding and 2 breastfeeding sessions over a 3-week period. The infant’s bottle feeding sucking effort will be measured using an Enfamil nipple, and breastfeeding effort will be measured by a feeding tube taped to the breast. Infants must be less than 3 months of age and be breastfeeding at least once a day. Each visit will occur in the morning on a day scheduled at your convenience.

In addition, we will ask if we may digitally record the infant’s breastfeeding sucking effort during the second home visit. You may choose to participate in only one part, or both parts of this study.

This study involves 6 one-hour home visits. Compensation for participation will be in the form of Target gift cards in the amount of $10 per home visit for measuring infants’ sucking effort (up to $60), and $15 for digitally recording the second breastfeeding session. A total of $75 Target gift cards will be given for participating in both parts of the study.