Meet The UConn KIDS Team

Head of UConn K.I.D.S

Dr. Rhiannon Smith is the Head of UConn K.I.D.S. Dr. Smith studies friendships and other peer relationships in childhood and adolescence. She is interested in the role that these relationships play in youths’ social and emotional adjustment, including depression and anxiety. Dr. Smith’s research investigates the development of social cognition and empathy in friendships. She also is interested in diversity in peer relations, including cross-race/ethnicity friendships and the peer group experiences of LGBTQIA+ youth.



Child Research Recruitment Coordinator

Renu Cabot is the Child Research Recruitment Coordinator for UConn K.I.D.S. She is a UConn alumnus and graduated with her Bachelors in Human Development and Family Studies and earned her Masters in Public Administration at UConn School of Public Policy. You can meet her at the various community events and fairs in Connecticut when you visit our UConn K.I.D.S booth.




Our Research Assistants


Mikayla Clemens is a research assistant for UConn KIDS. She is a junior Psychological Sciences major with a minor in Human Development and Family Sciences enrolled in the Early Childhood Specialization program. After graduation, she wants to continue with research and pursue a higher education. Mikayla returns for another semester as our Lead RA.
Jasleen Kaur is a research assistant for UConn KIDS.  She is a sophomore Computer Science major with research interest in child development.  After graduation, she plans on pursuing a career in Artificial Intelligence, as well as pursuing higher education in Machine Learning.  
Kaitlyn Vitucci is a research assistant for UConn KIDS. She is a freshman with a Psychological major in the honors program, and have an intention of adding a Neuroscience double major. She is interests in working with children and medicine, as well as an interest in research. After graduation, Kaitlyn plans on going to medical school to pursue a career in psychiatry with a specialization in children.