Living Lab

Living Lab at the Connecticut Science Center

UConn KIDS (Kids in Developmental Science) and the UConn IBACS (Institute for the Brain and Cognitive
Sciences) have teamed up to sponsor UConn’s participation in the Living Lab at the Connecticut Science
Center in Hartford. The Living Lab allows UConn researchers to gather real data from a variety of
populations in a space where dozens of participants are available on any given day. Although some
aspects of potential studies may need to be tweaked based on the constraints of the space (see picture
below), including the length (at most 20 minutes), this is still a versatile and interesting place to run
studies. As a part of the collaboration, an IBACS-funded grant recently allowed for the purchase of a
wide variety of equipment, including:

Apple Macbook Air – 13″
Latitude 3390 2-in-1
iPad Case
Headphone Splitters
USB Extension Cables
Lab Coats
Name Badge Clips (Pack of 50)
Badge Inserts (Pack of 100)
Stamp Ink
And more!

Living Lab in Connecticut is all thanks to the generous and welcoming partnership of UConn and the
Connecticut Science Center!


Are you a UConn Researcher interested in running a study at the Living Lab?
Please contact the Child Research Recruitment Coordinator ( to discuss next steps

The Living Lab space is shown above.