Children with Disabilities at Higher Risk of Maltreatment or Neglect

A recent study set for publication in the April edition of Pediatrics analyzed data from 524,534 children born in Western Australia between 1990-2010 and found that children with intellectual disability, mental and behavioral health problems, and conduct disorder were more likely to be maltreated or neglected than their typically developing counterparts. While these findings come from Australia, they are consistent with similar studies completed internationally. This article highlights concerns about the rights and needs of children with developmental disabilities, and the need to advocate for their well being.

UConn KIDS seeks to do just that through our ongoing research into atypically developing children. To further our goal, we will also be attending the LEARN Disability Summit at Mohegan Sun on March 11, and will be sharing a table with UConn’s Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities.

If you’re interested in getting more involved in advocating for the rights and needs of children with developmental disabilities, be sure to attend the upcoming CT Council for Disabilities public forum on March 14 and Autism Awareness Day at the State Capitol on April 12!

Visit HealthyChildren.Org to read about the research.