UConn Students


Undergraduate Research Opportunity:
PSYC 3889/SLHS 3299/COGS 3589: UConn KIDS (Kids in Developmental Science) under Dr. Rhiannon
Smith. Research position available for organized and highly motivated undergraduates. UConn KIDS is a
consortium of researchers united under their shared need for child participants for research. Our
researchers study a broad range of topics that involve both typically and atypically developing children.
Topics include, but are not limited to: Autism Spectrum Disorder, language acquisition, peer relations,
bullying, hearing loss and deafness, and food advertising/school food. UConn KIDS is looking for an
individual who has an interest in child development research. The position is a one-semester
commitment, with the potential to renew each semester, and will be 9 hours/week for 3 credits.
Responsibilities will include:
Locating and reading the most up-to-date research in child development and translating the
research into easy to read blog posts for the general public.
 Helping with database updates and inputs.
 Staying informed on our researchers’ current projects, and sharing their work with the public via
website and social media.
 Website and social media maintenance in the form of keeping information for researchers
current, posting to Facebook, and sending tweets.
 Occasional attendance at community events, fairs, and library story hours.
 Attendance at lab meetings throughout the semester.
If you are interested please contact Renu Cabot at renugaa.cabot@uconn.edu

*Note: Submissions for RAs are accepted at the end of the semester for the following semester. Please send in inquiries for this by the last week of classes.